Talk about knowing myself and knowing what makes me tick and what doesn’t. Yet I let things and influences sway me to what is obviously against my believes and always find myself on the fence. Am I really my own person no matter which part of the world I’m in?

To not be pressured, not attach value and not expect are all wonderful ideal methods to avoid being AFFECTED, yet so hard to actually accomplish. Constantly be in resistance with my surroundings, constantly prove myself to the present that THIS IS who I am, don’t question it, just accept. Flaws and all.

But to prove, involves emotions and to have emotions is to attach value to whatever provoked the emotion. Therefore, Its as if I AM expecting something to happen or to CHANGE. Geez… so complicated. Another thing human beings CANNOT RESIST doing, making things complicated.

If only everyone saw and experienced things in the moment without expectations, if only people took life a stride at a time and if only people saw what is instead of what could’ve/should’ve/ Would’ve been… then everything would be simple.

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trying to keep it COOL…

i wish i justwanted to say that people understood me always jus with my speech..etc..but,always misunderstanding persists..that is the leftover after every strong or weak arguments or discussions..

i never wanted to argue or be aggressive..but,ppl jus make it out..

so,is speaking my own view is a sin??

don know..!!

iam not a great linguistic..never know colorful languages…can never coat sugar into my words and make things happen..speaking out the truth..!!!

I curse and swear alot, it’s just something I do. If you want to hold that as a major reflection of my character that it’s really too bad, because there are so many other thing to me that matter more that my colourful language. I get frustrated when people screw me over, especially when I trust them and If I’m pissed off enough i’ll let that person know that I’m pissed off.

That because of them I’m in this predicament and that I want them to fix it. Maybe by doing that, it’ll make it worse. That they may misunderstand and consider me rude, that I’m emotional or whatever… i guess they’re missing the point. It had nothing to do with me, just the way things played out. To fix the unpleasantness that occurred because of the other persons incompetence or ignorance.

Incompetence/ ignorance. Harsh words, but if the shoe fits… wear it. Im am those two words sometimes, and though it stings, if it is true.. i’m just going to have to own up to it.

Those bump are over and… after this, I’m moving on. )

watever be,must stay or try..else,pretend to stay cool and unemotional..never possible maybe..!!

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this new year’2009

the very day of new year started well..

i was watching  “tora..tora..”.,the pearl harbor before day..

things went as i wishes only from people i expected..

actually,was a bit nervous..the new year..,new job.,new environment..etc..

still there are things which made be cool and comfortable..

this year also made me little responsible and to look forward..,positively..!!

cat scores also got unleashed…the secretive one..,in a way,my another hope too..

i scored abad cut-off of about *%..not enough..i knew a couple of my friends got iim calls..atleast a 90..??that also upsetted,somehing went terribly wrong somewhere..,that i knew well..pretty well.

Now,being positive and confident mattered me a lot..i have to be..

certain times i always feel im losing tings unknowingly..sure of it..depressedabout something..something clinged my mind..,

“arathie..wake up!!!”

cannot leave it just like that..going crazy too…must find out!!!

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Creating enemies…..-” THE FRUIT OF ANGER”

I think anger is over rated, people indulge in it too much. Anger which then leads to jealousy, to hate, such a waste of human value. All these are primal feelings and we all feel it at some point, but to indulge in it. I’ve seen and been in good relationships that end because of that. People can’t let go.Also,i can’t let my friends go,jus litat…




Obviously being angry at someone or something depends on the magnitude of which the crime was committed against whom ever and it’s completely up to the individual to decide how to deal with it. But being 20, and having gone through much social drama, I am freaking jaded. All I have to say to people who pick on other peoples faults or just find some absurd reason to act like a child or throw a tantrum is to grow the f*ck up. Seriously, by the time you’re 18, you’re too old for that shit.

To revolve all conversations on what this girl did, or how that guy did that or some nonsense like that, and thrive on making others feel guilty when it’s no fault of theirs (basically bullying) or to assume that the world revolves around you, trying to prove that your always right, being proud of the fact that certain physical attributes gets you different kind treatment, think about it. Are people (you) really that shallow? Is it worth your time to hold grudges and create enemies? Besides the fact, of course, that the world has bigger problems.




Why can’t people keep opinions to themselves, especially when it doesn’t matter and in situations that don’t matter.

In the 20 years that I have lived, I have met people who seem to have this urge to say everything and make assumptions or read into things way too deep just too create drama and blow everything out of proportion. WTF?

Isn’t there anything else one can do with their time that is more important than to create friction?? Always remember when you’re ever ready to bitch about someone or something, just take a second to think “Why the hell are you so pissed off in the first place?’’ and if you actually have a reason to be pissed off, how are you going to deal with it? Like a child or a grown up?

Like a coward or with some guts to confront the person, politely I might add? Because 2 months from now the problem would have blown over but you’ll still have awkward moments where you walk past a “former” friend and can’t say hello because “You’re no longer on good terms” for what reason?

Who the hell even knows anymore..??

Anyways, moral of the story is, don’t be self absorbed people. Just don’t, nothing good could possibly come out of it. Practice a little compromise, good faith, sincerity and humility. Good things could actually happen, believe it or not.

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Originally uploaded by HIM_gothic_girl

Spanish player Rafael Nadal (L) and Swiss player Roger Federer (R) pose with Brazilian former tennis player Gustavo Kuerten after their French Tennis Open final match at Roland Garros, 10 June 2007 in Paris. Nadal won 6-3, 4-6, 6-2, 6-4.

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Nadal returns a ball

Nadal returns a ball

Originally uploaded by NunoBcn

Still feel the shadow is quite clear and expressive

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Rafa Wimbly Champion!

Rafa Wimbly Champion!

Originally uploaded by wolfinaction64

Spain’s Rafael Nadal poses with his trophy after defeating Switzerland’s Roger Federer during their final tennis match of the 2008 Wimbledon championships against at The All England Tennis Club in southwest London, on July 6, 2008. Nadal won 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7.

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Impresionante una vez más, enhorabuena por todas las fotos del fin de semana.

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Rafael Nadal – Practice Court

Rafael Nadal – Practice Court

Originally uploaded by mandj98

again a brilliant shot!!!

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Rafael Nadal – Practice Court

Rafael Nadal – Practice Court

Originally uploaded by mandj98

wizzzzz………!!!!what a shot???

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Rafael and friends

Rafael and friends

Originally uploaded by HIM_gothic_girl

nadal with pals..?or,fans???

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